Travel photo gallery


Inside a rickshaw with the friendliest driver (who didn’t want anything in return) I ever met in India. “Whats important is good heart. Your job, my job, no matter. I had love marriage with girl from West Bengal. Big problem my family. But no matter, me happy, she happy, children happy. Happy wife, Happy life.”


Bangles, bangles everywhere.


Jhuma looking out at the Holy River she sees daily but rarely touches. A mother figure in Varanasi, 2016.


Good morning Varanasi, 2017.


“Thinking game, Test Brain” – This entrepreneur creates his own mind-mash games and sells the on the ghats of Varanasi.


Spot the dog. Varanasi, 2017.


“Who am I?” – Varanasi Ghats, 2017.


His eyes smiled as he watched us foreigners entertaining the children at his village. Maybe they were his own grandchildren. Bodhgaya, 2014.


Seeing the many pictures of captured Cambodians at the prison museum, the picture in the middle particularly stood out to me – why? Because of that little smile he is giving with his eyes and the corners of his mouth. Is he trying to send a message to his torturers? Is he showing them his spirit can’t be broken? Is it his way of rebelling against their ultimate control? Was he thinking of his loved ones? Did he get beaten for this act? Either way, amongst all the pain i saw, I smiled back when I saw him. Pnom Penh, Cambodia 2016.

The Golden Temple in Amritar. One of the most impressive places I have ever been. The Sikh temple itself is dripping with spiritual energy as the people pray during evening Aarti.I could have stayed for hours. The temple feeds anyone who comes 3 times a day and gives shelter to those who need it.


Mere nam…

The most magical place in India – Jasailmer. Day travelling by camel, an overnight sleep in the sand dune with the most amazing sight of stars I have ever seen and some outdoor cooking. Can you guess which chapati I made? 2015.

Namaste Lodge is home in Pokhara and the magical Movie Garden 🙂


I love walking into a bookstore in India. Somehow I always leave with exactly what I need ❤


Sometimes you just need to get in touch with some comfort – hot chocolate and series on rooftop in guest house. Katmandu, Nepal 2015.


Me and Swamiji Nirdosh at the ghats…nirdosh means “innocence” and he truly is the face of it. He lives a simple life of vegetarianism, meditation and yoga. No chillum, no alcohol. His favourite time to meditate is midnight when everyone is asleep, no sound. I asked him why babas wear orange and he said it represents fire, one of the 5 elements. He hasn’t seen his family since 2012 and he explained he is fine with this and they also accept his baba life. When he looked at me he said I have a strong aura, that I am courageous and strong-willed and this comforted me. He follows the teachings of Oysho and Mooji and encouraged me to do the same. He explained that aum means awareness understanding and meditation. Till we meet again


Who needs a common language to communicate? we did it just fine through drawing, games, eye contact, sharing of food and smiles  –  On the train, India 2015. 


The Mahabodhi Temple, situated near the Bodhi Tree where Buddha found        enlightenment.

From the villages of Bodh Gaya…

From Varanasi, India 2015.

Personalised memento from India Trip 2015 – Thank you Makk ❤


Gozo’s Azure Window in all its glory – Summer 2015.


From the clear seas of Cambodia’s Koh Rong Sanloem.


Guess travelling is in my blood! Found this photo of my grandfather in Alexandria, Egypt.


Two of the best Indian meals while in India…

The first is a home-cooked meal by one of the teachers at school while volunteering. So fresh. One of the best experiences, being welcomed into her home and meeting her family.

Second picture is a meal on a banana leaf in Alappuzha (backwaters) India.


Volunteering with NGO Right 2 Smile – Bodh Gaya, India 2014


Pokhara, Nepal 2014


Varanasi, India 2016


Olasiti, Ngong Hills, Kenya 2015


“What makes me smile” – Garden of Smiles, Ghajnsielem, Gozo 2015


Paris 2016