Loneliness engulfs me whole a blackness that allows only illusion of light a pretence of non existence but it’s there louder and bigger with each denial “it’s ok”, I say “I’m fine”, I pray “It’s my choice”, I say it’s not. it’s an outset of circumstance much like illness or separation a series of choices … More {poem}


Photo credit: Fiona Lyn via Flickr   A knot underneath my chest. Fluttering in my heart. Tension in my lips. My teeth press together. I am feeling insecure. An argument with a friend. Was I in the wrong? I am always the strange one. I feel rejected. Judged. Whats wrong with me? A weekend comes. … More Insecurities

What we learnt from growing up watching ‘Charmed’

This year, fans of the popular 90s TV series Charmed were thrilled by the news of a possible re-boot! Rumors buzzed about a prequel to the series, with Alyssa Milano dropping hints in interviews that had ‘recovered’ fantatics (like myself) reaching for the remote to re-watch the entire 8 seasons. Charmed was a huge part … More What we learnt from growing up watching ‘Charmed’