Inspirational People

Jose Mujica is the world’s poorest president. President of Uruguay he wants little. He talks to us about what engaging with a consumer society costs us.

Baya talks to us about loneliness and its antedote – connection. Echoing Ruth Whippman’s book The Pursuit of Happiness about the importance of meaningful connection.

Every woman needs to see this talk about our bodies and shame.

A short documentary everyone must watch. Learn about the system you form part of and make a conscious choice.

Daniela Papi explains whats wrong with volunteer travel – something we don’t often think about.

The difference between empathy and sympathy explained.

This video of social worker and researcher Brene Brown outlines the importance of boundaries and her take on empathy. In helping professions, we hear so much about boundaries but really and truly, they are so important for everyone, in our every day lives. I showed this video to a group of sixth form students who were going to start volunteering with the elderly. The reaction I got was from the speakers afterwards who felt so impressed by the video and began sharing with me their struggles with boundaries and self-care at home and at work. You can also look up Brene’s book “Gifts of Imperfection”, an easy reading insightful read.

I find this talk very relevant to the intercultural world we live and work in.

“You are enough” – psychologst Marisa Peer explains what is at the core of most of our problems.

If you’ve ever felt a little lost, these two talks will make you feel much better about your direction. Watch the full version of Liz Gilbert’s Super Soul Session online.

I absoloutely LOVE the image of having my genius taking half the work-load and giving me support. It helps take the pressure off and gives me the belief that I can do it, resulting in better flowing creativity. Elizabeth Gilbert is so incredibly down to earth and her insights are…genius.

This Kenyan woman spoke out for change and supported women to carry their beliefs all the way to the people in power, until they listened. Watch.

The words I didn’t know I needed to hear. This video speaks about how our world, particularly our work and school spaces encourage and praise extroverted behaviours at the expense of the quieter, introverted mind.

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