Mama knows best

Its been two years of stuckness. Two years of low inspiration, low creativity, low synchronicity and a loss of connection with the universe. I wondered time and time again, why am I here? What am I supposed to be learning from this? Where are my angel signs to show me what to do? And then … More Mama knows best

Should I strive for better or love myself as I am?

I have been wrestling with this question my whole teenage and adult life.  When I was younger, it was pretty obvious that I had to try to be better, prettier, thinner, funnier, smarter, nicer, more attractive etc, etc. I used to write out endless self-improvement lists, create impossible new timetables of habits I wanted to … More Should I strive for better or love myself as I am?

My Maasai sisters

During my 3 months volunteering in Kenya, I met some very special women who I will remember the rest of my life. Whether we meet in person again or not, I know we have touched each other forever. Women who are strong. Women who hold their families together. Women who are leaders. Women who have … More My Maasai sisters

My Body, My Sea

Summer 2016 is the first year I really appreciated summer on the island. I operated from a place of awareness that we are fucking lucky to live surrounded by sea. Meeting travellers from all over as well as having some very special sea-loving friends contributed to this shift in me. I spent years feeling body … More My Body, My Sea

The Tribe

Once upon a time, five unsuspecting female energies joined forces. The most odd tribe of beautiful souls met each other somewhere along their path in life and became so connected, they could finally rest their heads on something easy, effortless, pure and real – each other. A rogue lawyer turned social empowerer, a quiet mouse … More The Tribe

Women Empowerment

Has the word “empowerment” become a buzz word? It would be a sad world if that were true. When a term is over-used in news and political jargon, I fear it loses its significance. Words like “sustainability”, “intercultural”, “development”, “equality”….all very clearly important and relevant yet I wonder if we truly understand their meaning or if … More Women Empowerment