About Sushma

I am Sushma, an islander from beautiful Malta, in Europe.

I am a traveller, volunteer and worker with the Maltese NGO Right 2 Smile (VO/0528) which works on community development and volunteering projects for the benefit of children, young persons and their carers around the world. Working for this organisation has challenged me both personally and professionally, through working in different cultures, taking on a leadership role, learning to think critically and invoking my creative thinking into action, for the greater good of others.  At home, my Indian heritage helped me to grow up respecting differences and leaves in my heart a great love for India.


I believe in creative expression, connection and gratitude. I believe we were born into a family because human beings are meant to love and be loved. I strive to understand people and human nature. I believe that if I am to spend some time on earth, I want to spend this precious time well by doing something useful to others.

“I always thought somebody should do something about that.

Then I realised, I am somebody.”

I started this personal blog in 2015, shyly sharing personal thoughts and inspirations on my Facebook profile, alerting a handful of friends. As I found a platform for my own voice, unencumbered by external expectations, I soared, rising up to my creative passion for writing.

#lifeandotherstuff is a blog about just that. Life. Connection. Relationships. Gratitude. Society. Culture. People. Feelings. Thoughts. Reflections. Vulnerability. Kindness. A better world.

I would love to know your thoughts. Please leave a comment or send an email if you’d like to reach out. You can also follow me to be alerted when a new blog comes out.

Thank you for reading 🙂 ❤


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