I’ve met my Soulmate

I’ve met (one of) my soulmate.

How do I know?

Even though, on practical terms, he was probably the least safe person to love, it didn’t matter.

Being around each other was being home.

It was natural and easy.

He didn’t drain my energy like most people did, I could be around him all day.

My playful energy came out with him, like two inner children laughing together for no reason other than joy.

We loved passionately. Intensely.

We’ve come across each other more than once in life.

It was never the right timing and perhaps it never will be.

We may not be meant to be with each other forever.

Perhaps we are just meant to move each other for a moment.

Something needed to play out energetically and we kept meeting till it did.

Now, I’ve learnt.

Learnt what I want in life.

Learnt that I am ready. Ready for love, commitment. To face my issues with the love of someone by my side. Ready for all the things I was told I should want but wasn’t ready for….Ready for my own family, to be part of a duo, to be in a partnership and to trust.

I am ready to trust.


Its big.

And it happened because I met my soul mate and we moved each other.

We may not be meant for a happy ending together.

Though I’d be lying if I say I didn’t wish for that, that it could be so magical and easily fall into place.

But I know Life now.

My job is to let go, let go and focus on myself, my growth and what I want.

Everything else happens as its meant to….everything happens for a reason.

I met my soul mate, I was loved by my soul mate…

…and thank God I did.

Thank you soulmate. You say I saved you but you saved me too.

I love you.

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