Lets write about beauty and love and freedom and everything exquisite in this universe.

Lets just celebrate joy and humanity and everything in between that makes us beautiful and seen.

Lets just be.

Lets, lets, lets.

Lets live fully and bravely, with healthy risks and high emotion.

Lets cheer for sunshine and rain.

Every emotion is felt and feeling makes it worthwhile to be here instead of not here.

Lets celebrate late night talks and feeling someone’s heart in yours, even if its just for a minute.

Lets dive into our bad days and burst out of our good ones.

Lets hug and touch. Lets kiss dogs and burn fires. Lets drink whiskey and cry-laugh for absoloutely no reason.

Lets help others and lets help ourselves. Lets love ourselves. Lets freakin’ adore ourselves. Lets kiss our arms before we go to sleep and thank God for the body we were given to accompany our souls on this journey. Lets look in the mirror and cherish our lines and crackes, dots and spots, single hairs in odd places.

Lets find our outlet for what we have locked up in our bellies. Lets paint, lets dance, lets upcycle our old bedroom. Lets explore; people, cultures, countries. Lets play piano and with children. Lets get up and walk, just cause. Lets cook with honey and salt and butter. Lets put the music on high.

Lets pray. Lets speak to the Universe and say what we need to say and listen as its response manifests in everything around us. Lets get still and go to that place inside. Lets meditate and stretch.

Lets sleep as long as we need to. Lets take deep breathes, slowly, five times. Lets talk, face to face. Lets put our phones down. Lets switch off Netflix. Lets call instead.

Lets clean our living space. Lets clear. Lets organize. Lets burn incense and put essential oils on our wrists and on the inside of our elbows. Lets put cream on our legs. Lets wear heels and walk with a little swag. Lets forget to charge anything.

Lets drive all night.

Lets look up and feel small and sigh with pleasure.

Lets make shapes from stars and clouds.

Lets bring flowers home.

Lets, lets, lets.

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