Lets write about beauty and love and freedom and everything exquisite in this universe. Lets just celebrate joy and humanity and everything in between that makes us beautiful and seen. Lets just be. Lets, lets, lets. Lets live fully and bravely, with healthy risks and high emotion. Lets cheer for sunshine and rain. Every emotion … More Lets…

Fostering Max

I started thinking about getting a pet dog about three months after I moved into my own place. It’s always been a dream of mine to get my own dog again after my childhood pet Ross passed away when I was eighteen. I still dream about him and miss him and I couldn’t wait to … More Fostering Max

Mama knows best

Its been two years of stuckness. Two years of low inspiration, low creativity, low synchronicity and a loss of connection with the universe. I wondered time and time again, why am I here? What am I supposed to be learning from this? Where are my angel signs to show me what to do? And then … More Mama knows best

Should I strive for better or love myself as I am?

I have been wrestling with this question my whole teenage and adult life.  When I was younger, it was pretty obvious that I had to try to be better, prettier, thinner, funnier, smarter, nicer, more attractive etc, etc. I used to write out endless self-improvement lists, create impossible new timetables of habits I wanted to … More Should I strive for better or love myself as I am?

A term as a teacher

“What’s it like to be a teacher, Miss?” I scoffed at the eight year old girl who randomly asked this question as we walked to class. “Tiring!”, I replied too quickly, immediately feeling guilty. I tried to recover by giving a more inspiring reply to this young curious mind… I was tired, though. It was … More A term as a teacher


Loneliness engulfs me whole a blackness that allows only illusion of light a pretence of non existence but it’s there louder and bigger with each denial “it’s ok”, I say “I’m fine”, I pray “It’s my choice”, I say it’s not. it’s an outset of circumstance much like illness or separation a series of choices … More {poem}


Photo credit: Fiona Lyn via Flickr   A knot underneath my chest. Fluttering in my heart. Tension in my lips. My teeth press together. I am feeling insecure. An argument with a friend. Was I in the wrong? I am always the strange one. I feel rejected. Judged. Whats wrong with me? A weekend comes. … More Insecurities