Asante Sana

I feel so happy today. I have been feeling this way for a while now. Which is a change because previously, I was feeling very bad. Negative. A dark hole. But now? Now I feel lightness in my heart. A new volunteer group is coming. I am always excited for this part, to envision the … More Asante Sana

Kenya Update

Its been tough. Not the same kind of tough as in India in the beginning of the year.  Work-wise, its been much, much easier. I know what to expect, second time round. I know my personal weak spots that this job pokes its fingers into – weak spots I had to face head-on already so now … More Kenya Update

Pieces of People

I love to see the pieces of people that they see as extra, unimportant, frivolous. The pieces at the end of their CV or those that don’t even make it in there because that person doesn’t recognise these parts of themselves as interesting or valuable. I love the pieces that come after traditional labels and … More Pieces of People

A mediocre girl

I am mediocre. I am mediocre at art. I am mediocre at dance. I am borderline terrible at singing. I am mediocre at running. I am horrid at painting my nails. I have no idea if I am any good at writing. I am mediocre at photography and videos. I am mediocre at effort. I … More A mediocre girl