Mama knows best

Its been two years of stuckness. Two years of low inspiration, low creativity, low synchronicity and a loss of connection with the universe. I wondered time and time again, why am I here? What am I supposed to be learning from this? Where are my angel signs to show me what to do? And then … More Mama knows best

Should I strive for better or love myself as I am?

I have been wrestling with this question my whole teenage and adult life.  When I was younger, it was pretty obvious that I had to try to be better, prettier, thinner, funnier, smarter, nicer, more attractive etc, etc. I used to write out endless self-improvement lists, create impossible new timetables of habits I wanted to … More Should I strive for better or love myself as I am?

A term as a teacher

“What’s it like to be a teacher, Miss?” I scoffed at the eight year old girl who randomly asked this question as we walked to class. “Tiring!”, I replied too quickly, immediately feeling guilty. I tried to recover by giving a more inspiring reply to this young curious mind… I was tired, though. It was … More A term as a teacher


Loneliness engulfs me whole a blackness that allows only illusion of light a pretence of non existence but it’s there louder and bigger with each denial “it’s ok”, I say “I’m fine”, I pray “It’s my choice”, I say it’s not. it’s an outset of circumstance much like illness or separation a series of choices … More {poem}


Photo credit: Fiona Lyn via Flickr   A knot underneath my chest. Fluttering in my heart. Tension in my lips. My teeth press together. I am feeling insecure. An argument with a friend. Was I in the wrong? I am always the strange one. I feel rejected. Judged. Whats wrong with me? A weekend comes. … More Insecurities